Spray Foam

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), which is an incredible technology, has been here for a long time but is not quite popular. This technology which has been here for almost 61 years and is used in commercial, industrial and residential facilities is an incredible replacement for other materials that can harm the environment and have to be replaced from time to time. This roofing system that can last for almost 50 years when installed correctly can bear any kind of climate which makes it durable and inexpensive for its consumer. You can guess the durability of it by the fact that you can easily walk on it and it can last as many years as you want if properly maintained.

The key advantages of this roof system to our customer are its minimum maintenance, durability, energy savings and sustainability.

Cost to get Spray Polyurethane installed:
The cost of installing this roof system depends upon various variables that needed to be taken into account for successful accomplishment of the task such as the climate where you are going to install this roof system. Other factors that you need to consider are :

Measurements of your roof.
What is your desired thickness of the SPF.
Condition your roof is currently in.
Approach to your roof.
How sloppy your roof is.
The cost depends upon the listed factors. If the roof is in a very bad condition which needs more prep work then the cost will increase. Similarly, if it has wet insulation or double roof that needs to be removed it will add to the cost. Some roofs, like the roofs of chemical industries or IT companies, need more spray to be done on them than other roofs and this increases the cost of it. One other factor that can increase the cost of SPF roof is the height because all roofs are not flat and cannot be walked on.

Installation process
Spray polyurethane foam is installed by following the mentioned below steps :

First of all the installer will clean the dust from the roof, not by scraping but by vacuuming, sweeping or by using air pressure. You can get this foam easily installed on your existing roof but if you have double roof then one of them might need to be removed or if the roof have any loose material then it is also removed. Next a liquid is prepared by combing two liquids which are polyol and isocyanate. This forms polyurethane foam and then it is sprayed onto the roof which then expands twenty times more. The thickness of it increases by 1 to 1.5 inches.

After the roof has been sprayed and the foam has expanded, it is then coated by a layer of elastomeric silicone to protect it from harsh weather and UV light. Another material that is now added to the coating is embedded granules and this layer has a thickness of 20 and 30 mils.

Benefits of spray polyurethane foam:

There are many benefits of installing this roof system :

  • Ease of installation:

One of the most significant benefits of installing this foam is that it can be easily sprayed on any kind of roof. The structure, shape and other properties of the roof doesn’t affect the installation and it can easily sit on the surface. The material that the roof is made of also doesn’t impact it’s installation as it can be metal, wood or any other material also it doesn’t interfere with the activities of people while installation because it is quite an easy process.

  • Convenient maintenance

It can be easily maintained and can last up to many years. It needs to be inspected semi-annually which can help you see if there are any problems which can be resolved.

  • Energy saving and durability:

It can also save the energy of the building wherever it is installed. Moreover, it is durable due to the fact that it can expand or contract as the outside temperature changes and it can reduce the risk of cracks which makes it an excellent choice. It can help you earn an energy star certification.

  • Zero threat to environment

Spray Polyurethane foam has zero threat to environment because of having zero ODP (ozone depletion potential), silicon coatings that are solvent-free and low GWP (global warming potential)

  • Waterproofing properties:

It can make the surface on which it is applied waterproof. As it is applied as liquid and turns into a form, it fills all the gaps that the roof or a surface have hence making it waterproof so that no leakage takes place.


Needs to be done correctly:

  • It needs to be done correctly from the start otherwise it can be detrimental for the roof.
  • The applicator should have high degree of technical knowledge.
  • The contractor needs to pass a ISO-17024 complaint certification program.

Weather conditions:

It cannot be installed when

There is snow or ice.
There is moisture or dampness on the roof.


Small cracks that can occur after harsh weather conditions can be easily mended by elastomeric sealant but for that you have to check it semi –annually or after any harsh weather event.

Threat due to wind:

As the foam is sprayed the wind can carry it away. It doesn’t have any health hazards but still it can pose threat to the surrounding properties.


It needs to get repaired from a professional because you cannot repair it from anything else except for silicone, so you need to call the contractor whenever it needs repair.

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