Experience The Incredible Benefits Of Solar Energy!

Solar energy provides many advantages to your home including:

✅ Reduce Electricity Bills

✅ Increase Property Value

✅ Protect The Environment

Why Go Solar

Solar energy is an efficient form of useable energy that is created from natural sunlight and captured in many different ways. Most people use solar energy to generate electricity and heat their homes and buildings. Both residential homeowners and commercial building owners have the ability to take advantage and benefit from solar energy by installing solar panels on their properties where they have access to the sunlight.

Solar energy is clean and efficient and also a limitless source of energy because it comes from natural sunlight. Since solar energy is only available during the times which the sun is shining, most people commonly resort to a solar battery that has the ability to store power and preserve it so the energy can be used at another time.

Today solar energy has become very popular and millions of homeowners across the US currently use solar energy as a primary way to power their homes. The main reason for this is because solar provides homeowners with many different benefits. For instance, the average person can expect to save tens of thousands of dollars in electricity bills over the lifetime use of solar energy. Solar panels also last for 25-30 years on average with very little maintenance which can help increase the value of your home and attract many potential buyers who are part of the green movement if you ever look to sell your home in the future.

If you have any questions about going solar then contact Koala Roofing today as our team can answer any questions you have and guide you through the solar installation process step-by-step.

What To Expect

Here’s what you can expect from working with us!


Professionalism from the beginning of the process right to the final clean up.


We walk you through the whole process to make sure you understand the work we’re doing.


Friendliness to all neighbors and the people in your local neighborhood.

On Time

We always start projects as planned to get the job done within the promised time frame.


Our team always works within the budget that was given in the initial estimate.


Attention to detail to get the job done right and ensure satisfaction to all of our customers.