Silicone Restoration

Silicon restoration membrane is an alternative to any other roof repairing material that can be sprayed after the commercial roof is cleaned and can correct any imperfections that your roof has.

Whether your roof is flat or pitched or has drainage systems, skylights, vents or HVAC units, our experienced project managers can handle it with ease and will give you the best experience saving you thousands of dollars.

Installation Process:

The installation process of SRM is quite simple and the following steps should be followed.

  • Inspection and cleaning:

The roof is inspected for any saturation and when it is identified it is removed and replaced. This step is very important in the correct installation of SRM. Next, the roof is cleaned of any contaminants by washing it. After it is washed, the roof is tested for primer. Primer is a substance that is used for adherence of silicon membrane. The roof is tested whether it needs the primer or not but in most cases the roof needs it so that the silicon membrane can correctly adhere to the surface.

  • Reinforcement of seam:

After the primer has been applied, now it’s time for seam reinforcement which can be of two types. Either, you can install a polyester reinforced mesh into a liquid top coating after the topcoat has cured or you can reinforce the seam, penetrations and flash with a tape that is self-adhering which will receive a topcoat.

  • Application of silicon:

After all, the repairs have been made to the roof and the surface has been made smooth, now comes the application part. The silicon is directly sprayed onto the roof surface. In some cases, the roof requires more than one coat which would result in additional dollars spent.

  • Warranty process:

To issue a final warranty, the roof is inspected by a third party or a representative that ensures that all the processes are done correctly and the silicon membrane is applied correctly. After that, the final warranty is issued.

Benefits of Silicone Restoration Membrane

SRM, an alternative to a lot more options has proved to have a lot of benefits which makes it a perfect fit for your roof.

  • Cost-efficient:

As long as your existing roof substrate is stable, you don’t need to replace the roof and you can have your silicon coating on it. Any preventive repairs are made so that the silicon coating acts as a barrier and can be waterproof.

  • Considered maintenance:

As the silicon restoration membrane is applied over the roof, it also maintains the roof. Also, you can add more layers of it and it is completely safe.

  • Easy installation:

Another benefit is that it is easily installed because it just has to be sprayed. This is the reason it doesn’t interfere with the facility operations. It does not cause any kind of problem both to the customers and the laborers who are installing it.

  • Energy-efficient:

As it uses bright white coating application which reduces the cost of energy and also as a part of energy star cool roof solution, it maintains your existing roof and extends the life period of it and helps conserve energy. 15% to 35% of the building energy can be saved by using this kind of coating. Moreover, it also withstands ponding water.

Is your roof eligible for your Silicon Restoration Membrane (SRM)?

There are certain characteristics that make your roof eligible for SRM. The roof needs to be in better condition than most of the roofs to have a silicone coating.

Certain signs that show that roof is in the good condition are:

  • The seam of it should not be completely damaged and should be relatively in a good condition.
  • The roof should have been properly maintained over the years.
  • Less than 25% of the insulation and the underlined substrate is wet. You can always opt for spot replacement of areas that are saturated rather than fully replacing it that can be expensive.

How often should SRM be inspected?

It should be inspected for any tear offs after natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes or storms. Other than these the roof should be inspected after every 5 years and if any kind. If after the inspection it is found that the coating has been damaged by UV rays then SRM silicon-based elastomeric coating is needed. This can be used if the damage is not huge but if the damage is much more then an additional coating of SRM should be done. Thermal imaging scans, samples, pictures and inspections reports can be used to inspect the condition of SRM.

Silicone Restoration Membrane is an eco-friendly option that you can opt for as it is inexpensive and does not interfere with the task of the facility where it is being administered. Moreover, it has a higher build capacity and is much better than water-based acrylic as it is resistant to chalking and UV radiation. You can use it if you are not willing to have a new roof. Also, it is safe for the environment because you don’t have to dump the waste in the landfill. So, it’s better to go for it as it is a cheap and efficient option as compared to other options in the market.

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