Modified Bitumen

For a long period of time, Flat roofs have been there and they’ve always been the preferred choice for commercial roofing. They’ve always been a preferred choice for business projects, and now they’re gaining traction in household ones as well. Modified Bitumen is among the most popular flat roof roofing materials.

What exactly is Modified Bitumen?
Modified bitumen flat roofing is a solitary system made of polymer-modified asphalt bitumen enhanced with glass fibers or with polyester. Modified bitumen (MB) was introduced in the 1960s in Europe as an improvement to the previous built-up roofing (BUR) technology. It is constructed with a particular combination of layers that combine to boost the efficacy of the roof. This material sequencing provides modified bitumen with a comparative edge that few roofing systems can match.

Benefits of Modified Bitumen

1. Tolerance to Tears

These roofs have tolerance against tear and can withstand foot traffic because of mix of glass fibers or polyester reinforcing coatings.

2. Connections that are smooth

Modified Bitumen is commonly installed in three different ways: self-adhesive, cooler adhesive, and heating. They all form a closed connection, resulting in a continuous and smooth connection between the layers.

3. Heat and UV Protection

Modified bitumen is widely recognized for its ability to reflect heat. Because of its reflecting qualities, it is also resistant to solar radiation. This can aid with energy savings, especially if lighter colors or even more reflective top coatings are employed.

4. Barrier to Leaks

Leakage is one of the most common issues with flat roofing systems. Moreover, because of the coherence of this roof’s construction, leakage is not an issue.

5. Simple to install and repair

Modified Bitumen is simple to apply. They are available in rolled sheets that are 3 feet wide and up to 36 feet long, and they are readily put onto the roof above a bottom sheet membrane. Bitumen patching may be used to rapidly and effectively restore it if it is ruined.

6. Resilience to the environment

This Modified Roofing Systems are composed of five layers to survive rigorous exposition to all climates and other hazardous environmental factors.

7. Style Alternatives

With this roofing system, you have a variety of color possibilities. The particles on the top sheets may be modified to match any shingle color

8. Beneficial for the environment

These materials can be recycled in some cases. This implies that your roofing elements may be reused rather than ending up in the eventual rubbish pile. This will assist you in lowering your carbon impact.


The benefits that make them a client favorite are their minimum maintenance, dependability, and eco-friendliness. The installation method and longevity are the drawbacks that people consider. However, despite competition from TPO and PVC flat roofing solutions, This Modified Bitumen roofing system has always retained its footing by exploiting its superior benefits over negatives and has remained a trustworthy option for roofing systems.

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